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Strategic consulting, 100%
Web design & development, 100%
Communication, 100%
Our clients get online results. Always.
Because we learn our clients industries by heart and we care about their businesses. We deliver our online strategies customized.
Then we do what we know best: we create unique web experiences by combining exquisite creative and technical skills.
Genuine curiosity is one of our most treasured qualities. Constant curiosity about new ways of building and expressing online ideas.
We add our imagination and blend it with ingenuity and technical dexterity. This is what kept us strong in the digital world for more than 12 years.
And there's more to come.

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A strong brand means clarity and consistency. It expresses the values and the ambitions of your business.

Developing a successful brand starts with research. We learn about your business, your industry, your preferences and your clients. Every business is unique and we make sure we know a great deal about it before we get to work.
We build your brand and communication strategy in order to give you visibility and recognition. Your brand will be relevant and it will enhance your reputation. In time, your investment in building a professional identity image for your business will generate a huge return.

Websites are like businesses: they are different according to the person who leads them, what they sell and to whom.

Some websites need smart flat design build with cutting edge techniques, usually for younger users, and some need friendlier design to reflect old school products or services, for users who are not quite so tech-sawy.
Our primary consideration is always your users. We guide our design decisions by finding out what they want to do, and then structure your website so that they can carry out that task as quickly as possible.

A perfect, clean code is the right way to turn concepts into successful digital realities.

We use the latest technology and tools to build your website. We build our exclusive Content Management System from scratch to ensure that you can manage the content of your website in the simplest way possible. Our clients are always amazed at how easy it is to work with it.
We can also understand if you have strong preferences towards a certain web development platform. Whatever you see on the web that has been done before we are able to provide it for you.

Building a website that no one will find is useless. You need to get your target people to it.

The Internet is a wild and rapidly changing world. What is valid now may not be valid tomorrow or even a few hours later. Rules are changing, habits are influenced, new technologies are rising.
We study this every day, keep oursleves informed and ultimately make sure that our clients websites are where they need to be: in front of the people who need them. We take our pride in doing that by using a combination of wide knowledge and strategic thinking.


We like to ship soon so we work agile.
Ther's nothing better that collaborating with our clients and delivering quality products in the most productive manner.
Here is where you're telling us all we need to know about your business and how you will use your product: what are your objectives, the user stories, layout preferences, searching modules, backend elements, examples of similar products and any other thing might help us develop the perfect solution for your business.
Don't be overwhelmed if you're not familiar with some of these items, we will figure them out together.
If you don't have a brand identity yet, we will start with that. The logo and the rules to use it are always the first step. It's a good thing to prepare the domain and the hosting in this step. At your request, we provide these services too.
If you already have a brand identity, we'll build a layout proposal for your homepage first, in order to find your favourite design style.
When you are content with the layout, we'll make the other pages according to the wireframe we set up in the beginning, and start coding the frontend.
We will also discuss what elements you want to edit from the backend, using the Content Management System (CMS).
The testing part is very important in this step: we want to make sure that all the forms are working and also the other modules that you might want, like newsletter, job applications etc.
You are now satisfied with every element of your product: design, functionality & more.
It's time to launch !
We will take care of every aspect so that you have a smooth launching for your brand new product.
Your product is online and going well. You may choose to promote it yourself or with our help. Depending on your objectives, we select the most appropriate marketing instruments to make sure people who could be interested know about your website. These could be: newsletter, social media, affiliate marketing, Google AdWords, discount coupons and many more.
Then, after a time, you may want to add new modules to your website. Like a shopping ranking system or a new page. Or you may want to change the design to follow a new trend.
In any case you can be sure that we are here for you. We have special maintenance packages that match any potential need and we will assist you all the way.

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We make clients happy regardless of their industry.

Why Choose Us?


We care for your business and we understand how your online image affects it. We continue to be by your side also after the launch of your website.


If there is a way, we'll find it. We're going to keep looking for it, stretch our capacities and test new ways until the best solution is formed.


We are experienced and we like to get things done. No long talks, no mess, just clean team work to provide the best results in the shortest time.

What people say?

The proficiency that I met in Edris convinced me to order them to rebuild Eldi's image in all media: online and offline. The excellent results that they have obtained a new service type, packaging design, assured me that I made the right choice. The visual identity they created for Eldi is fresh, clean and modern.

Csongor Sandor,General Manager

What people say?

Thank you, Edris! A wonderful team of young and opened people! A team of specialists with great ideas! Professionalism, seriousness, team spirit! In a word: EDRIS!

Nico Dospinescu,Project Manager

What people say?

Edris team was prompt in building the new site Armos and pleasantly surprised us with an extremely easy management. Since we have thousands of products, it was very important that we can easily manage this site. We are very pleased with this collaboration.

Septimiu Teut,General Manager

What people say?

Our work with Edris began many years ago when we launched our first website www.sigma-distributie.ro. I had no doubt when I decided it was time to have a new website: our choice was still Edris. Their work on this new project reassured us that their reliability and efficiency remained the same.

Cosmin Coroiu,General Manager

What people say?

I started working with Edris on small tasks, and the availability and professionalism with which they were treated, with special understanding to our needs, convinced us to develop a long term business relationship with them, while becoming our preferred supplier of web services.

Dragos Lup,Online Manager

What people say?

Edris delivers complete and professional services at every level: consulting, planning, implementation and monitoring. In Edris we found a reliable partner in the long term. Our requests were always successfully met by them.

Octavian Ispas,General Manager

What people say?

We are very pleased to collaborate with Edris. They gave us all the support during the development of the new site www.Divisima.ro, they were attentive to our needs and especially to the specific of the store: a team consisting mainly of boys achieved to implement a great site for girls!

,Project Manager

What people say?

Edris and Vormidabel make a wonderful team ever since 2005. Many happy clients and successful online projects in Holland and Belgium came off from this long and fruitful cooperation. Edris will continue to be my choice everytime I need a solid programming support for my projects.

Vin Baltussen,Owner

What people say?

Edris has created for us exactly what we wanted: a simple and clean site, where the information can be easily found. To keep our visual identity web-wide, they designed all our materials and the Facebook page. Our online image looks much better now!

Valentin Bordas,Sales manager

What people say?

The development of our company new website has aligned our web presence to our recognition in recent years as a solid and professional business partner. All the qualities of our services can be found in the new site. Good job Edris!

Dorel Vultur,General Manager

What people say?

I gave all my trust to Edris when we started working with them and we were not disappointed. Besides the special project that they developed for us, they also used their experience and know-how to continuously give us their recommendations and advice, being always supportive before and after the launch.

Stefan Domocos,General Manager

What people say?

We wanted our website to emphasize the principles that we follow at work: appreciation and respect for labor, our related services of permanent consultancy and our flexibility. Edris answered all our requirements as we wanted.

Sebastian Strete,Chief Commercial Officer

What people say?

We, the girls at GuideTC, were the embodiment of the difficult customer: grumpy, pettifogging, attentive to the most insignificant details. And our project, made entirely by Edris, was a complex one, with a wide range of products delivered: website, blog, identity manual, social networking pages, templates for textbooks, course materials, advertising materials. Everything was created with professionalism and Edris team was always attentive to our needs, incorporating them quickly into the project. Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

Virginia Bordas,General Manager

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